Update on Dottie and the Kamwe Bible translation

Our dear friends

Life has changed dramatically for us since the onset of Dottie’s strokes seven months ago. (See the story at www.caringbridge.org/public/dottiemohrlang.) After four months of rehabilitation, she is glad to be home, but still requires round-the-clock assistance, most of it from me. Therapists and nurses come and go daily, working for improvement in her cognition, speech, vision, swallowing, coordination, balance, and walking. (You can imagine the shock of no longer being able to do most of the things you once did with ease.) Although the path to recovery is a long, slow one, and she is sometimes discouraged, she remains hopeful and determined—signs of the strong woman she is.

We have been enormously blessed with meals, transportation, practical help, and caring support from many of our Christian friends—the Body of Christ at its best; I’m not sure we would ever have survived without it.

Please pray with us for the Lord graciously to restore her abilities. We also pray for his deeper purposes to be worked out in our lives through it all, and for strength to serve him well day by day in it.

But all of this has inevitably slowed the work on the Kamwe Bible translation, and I work hard to find the time I need for it. I rise early in the morning nowadays to find quiet hours to work on the translation. Having checked the entire Old Testament (the New Testament has been checked several times), I am now doing a second check of the whole text; I have just completed work on Genesis-Numbers. Mark Zira and the faithful Kamwe Bible translation team in northeastern Nigeria, having returned to the area after the terrible destruction caused by the jihadist Boko Haram, continue to work steadily on their review and revision of the translation. God willing, we hope to have the Kamwe Bible ready for printing in perhaps two-three more years.

Pray with us for God’s help, protection, and blessing as we work to complete the translation and deal with complex problems of writing the language—and as I deal with the problem of diminishing eyesight caused by macular degeneration. (It sometimes feels as if I am racing against time.) The Bible translation team and I are very dependent on God’s grace.

Thank you so much; we are immensely grateful for your prayers for us.

Warmly, in Christ—and on behalf of Dottie and the Kamwe Bible translation team,

Roger / Zira

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