Paul and His Life-Transforming Theology: A Concise Introduction

Paul Cover


Here is a concise, inviting introduction to the greatest of the early Christian missionaries, the Apostle Paul–his life, his letters, his thinking–and the life-transforming gospel he proclaimed.

Readers will find this book academically stimulating, theologically rich, and personally challenging. It highlights the ways Paul’s life and thinking differ from–and challenge–the life and thinking of Christians today.

Written in nontechnical language for both Christian students and general Christian readers, this book–the result of a lifetime of studying and teaching Paul’s letters–will be helpful to all students and teachers of the Bible who want a deeper understanding of Paul, his theology, and the implications of his powerful letters for Christians today.

“This carefully crafted book–the result of a lifetime of study, teaching, and reflection on Paul–is drawn from firsthand witness of the apostle’s Epistles and the book of Acts, rather than from the voluminous secondary literature on Paul. Only a master of the art can take a complex and sometimes daunting figure, and by focusing on what is true, essential, and enduring, produce such a lucid and illuminating study.”
–James R. Edwards, Professor of Theology, Whitworth University


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